Obligatory “Me” Stuff

Hi, thanks for visiting! I write (part time… very part time, right now) speculative fiction–that is, science fiction, fantasy, and horror. I also write poetry, but not as frequently as I used to. In the past, I’ve written about women’s spirituality, feminism, complementary healing techniques, neo-paganism, and divination (particularly Tarot.) Again, I don’t do much of this currently, but these past explorations inform my fiction writing in a myriad of ways.

My writing and worldview is also shaped by my education. I have an undergraduate degree in communication and a master’s in sociology. I think this means that I love words, and that I’m fascinated about how people use words and ideas to shape their realities.

I consider myself a scifi and science geek. I love to read about science, and I’m passionate about certain scifi shows, books, and movies.

I’m also a mother, and I have two of the best kids I’ve ever met. This directly ties into why I’m a part-time writer (see above.)  But they are getting older, and it’s getting easier to make more time to write. So I fit writing in, in between being a Dance Mom and Musician Mom and Tae Kwon Do Mom, etc. And in between whatever paying work I have. And when the cats let me.

One of my major life goals is to try and be a decent human being. Most days, I think I succeed.


As I stated above, I write speculative fiction. I’m a member of several writer’s organizations, including Broad Universe and New England Horror Writers. The latter is pretty self-explanatory. The former is an international organization dedicated to escalating the voices of women writers, artists, and editors working in the speculative genres. Check them out. There are some amazingly talented women who are members, and you’ll even see some more well-known names.

I can be contacted about writing content for you–marketing materials, website content, etc. Just ask. I’ve written all kinds of content as part of the various jobs I’ve held over the years.


I currently work as an editor for Tulip Publishing. We are fairly new, but the staff have been part of other successful publishing houses and have a ton of experience. We publish books that you will not want to put down!

In addition, I take on freelance clients (both fiction and nonfiction, and I can assist with developmental editing as well.) I recently helped to edit an anthology, and here’s a nifty recommendation:

Suzanne is an amazing editor!  I was under an extremely tight deadline and not only did she come through, she went well above expectations.  As a writer, Suzanne not only caught all copyediting errors, but she also pointed out developmental errors that might distract readers from the prose.  She also made suggestions when applicable.  I highly recommend this proficient editor!  
– C.E. 

Isis and Anubis sitting in the window
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To Sum Up…

Thanks again for visiting, and feel to leave a comment, ask a question, or participate in giveaways and contests (which I’ll do periodically.) While you’re here, don’t forget to check out my published works and works-in-progress, and where I’ll be showing up as a panelist or to read from my works.


Oh, and I love zombies, red wine, and chocolate (not necessarily in that order.)

Yea, I’ve been known to dress up like a zombie