Writer Brain vs. Normal Person Brain

Writer Brain* is really very different from Normal Person Brain. I was reminded of this recently when i received a text from my good friend T.

The text was a “pin drop” indicating her location. I had just dropped  my son off at school (he missed the bus that morning, for time # 87 or so this year) when I heard the text alert.

I stared at the pin for a moment, and thought, why would she send me a pin? And immediately I’m thinking things like She’s in the hospital and can’t text but wants me to know where she is. And One of her kids is in the hospital and she can’t text and she wants me to know where she is. And She got mixed up with a crazy Colombian Drug Lord because she needed extra cash for dance shoes for her daughter and she was just going to do this one-time drop but maybe she changed her mind and the Drug Lord sent minions to teach her a lesson.

Whoever the captor, I settle on She’s being held against her will but managed to furtively send me her location before they stuffed a rag in her mouth and placed a cloth bag over her head. And then I hope that they didn’t bind her hands too tightly, because that can really cut off your circulation. And do I call the police right now? Or do I just drive to the police station and show them the pin?

So all of those thoughts took about a second. Then I look at the pin more carefully and see that it was sent from her house.

Okay! So she’s being held captive in her house. So maybe it’s a burglary and not a ransom situation.  

I’m about to put my car into gear and head off and bring in the Calvary, when I receive another text.

T: Not sure why my location sent.

Me (texting back): You can’t do that location-sending crap to a writer. I had this whole scenario worked out in my head where you were kidnapped or held against your will and you managed to text me your location, and I had to come save you…

T: Ha! That is funny!

T: If I ever do it again, you’ll know it’s not a drill.

Me: LOL, yes… That will be your SOS.

Me: I’d like to tell you that my brain doesn’t work that way but it would be a damn lie.

T: Love your brain.

So there are several morals to this story:

  1. It’s pretty easy to accidentally send your location when you have an iPhone. **
  2. If someone does send you their location out of the blue, chances are probably against their having been abducted by a Colombian drug lord. Or being held at knife-point.
  3. Surround yourself with people who love and appreciate you for the freak of nature that you are. 🙂

*  Disclaimer: You do not actually have to be a writer to have Writer Brain. You may be suffering from an over-active imagination, or have a natural tendency toward imagining the worst case scenario. In any case, if you also suffer from Writer Brain, welcome to the madhouse.

** So be very careful if you have an iPhone and are having an illicit affair. Or are playing hooky from work or school.


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